Monday, July 21, 2014

Rain Gardens: Day 1 - 795 Edmund Street

Thanks to our sponsors and partners last Friday, July 18, we got a lot done on the second Dynamic Green Home we're starting this year. For some background, see the Overview.

The Wells Fargo Green Team came out to 795 Edmund on Friday.

Marcie Weslock from Elan Design Lab taught the group
about Rain Garden design and installation.

Rick Cobbs from the Neighborhood Energy Connection told us
about the various "green" rating systems used on residential homes.
Ryan Companies sent their Safety Director Scott Beron (above) and
Assistant Superintendent Ryan Harstad to give us a safety talk
stretch everyone out for an injury free work-day.
Volunteers take their stretching seriously.
Rain gardens were filled with amended soil, shaped with berms
and covered with special erosion control blankets.

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