Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Patio furniture build, volunteer training - 795 Edmund Street

August 22, 2014 was a patio furniture build. The goal was to boost confidence and ability of volunteers inexperienced using carpentry-based tools. They were taught how to use specific tools properly and instructed on patio furniture plans, which they used to create a raised planter, a picnic table with attached benches and an Adirondack chair. There were expert and experienced volunteer leaders on site to assist and guide the volunteers.

Our great Wells Fargo and USGBC-MN crew

Dave Christensen, True North Remodeling project manager,
and Kelly Bandman talking about tool safety and use

Sheri Brezinka, USGBC-MN executive director with
Paul Bergevin, Hirshfield's Paint Regional Sales Manager

Jen Lux, an art teacher and realtor, describing her experiences
building her own LEED gold certified home

Using a chop saw to turn lumber into picnic table pieces

Nailing an elevated planter

Picnic table top pieces being cut

Completed picnic table with benches and builders

The elevated planter and builders

Screwing the back of the Adirondack chair

The finished chair

Adirondack chair with builders

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